NAMAR Masters Level for GCI 2018!!!

NAMAR Masters Level for GCI 2018!!!

Congratulations Esther Chong for winning top spot #1 Commercial Realtor for 2018 at the 2019 NAMAR Million Dollar Club Banquet Saturday March 30, 2019! She was also the first individual agent to reach NAMAR Masters level for GCI ($1,000,000 +). Esther Chong was featured in The Korea Times Atlanta front page this morning!

Congratulations to all the real estate agents and teams for a great year.

작년 한 해 함께하여 주신 고객 여러분들께 먼저 감사드립니다.

에스더 정님이 NAMAR (NORTHEAST ATLANTA METRO ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS) 의 #1 커머셜 에이젼트 2018 어워드와 개인 부문 사상 최초로 MILLION DOLLAR CLUB MASTERS LEVEL (커미션 수입 $1,000,000 이상) 을 수상 하였습니다.

다음 링크의 신문기사를 보시기 바랍니다.

Read More at The Korea Times Atlanta:

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